On Saturday night I came back from a week long trip to Colorado.  Before I left a week earlier, I had the usual thoughts I do before I take trips – what will it be like, how will I feel, will it meet my “vacation” expectations?  The week before my trip I didn’t plan very well – I had a packed schedule, with events almost every night, so I ended up scrambling to pack the morning of my flight.  I was so exhausted that when I got on the plane I didn’t even take the time to glance out the window to see California landmarks become tiny!  As I landed 2.5 hours later, I was groggy; grumpiness and frustration settled in.  Why didn’t I prepare better??  Why didn’t I get more rest the night before so I could enjoy my vacation??

The ride to my Aunt’s house where I was staying was a long one and I was hungry.  This didn’t help.  I felt bad because she and my Uncle where excited to see me and wanting to talk, but I was really tired!  I wanted to share their excitement, and inside I was really happy to be there, but I wished I wasn’t so physically tired.  As the drive continued I noticed that instead of condemnation, something different started happening.  My Aunt wasn’t mad that I was tired – she said “Just relax”.  GRACE.  It was okay to be me.  I didn’t have to press out of my comfort zone to make anyone happy.  We drove to a Mexican restaurant and I had the most amazing fajitas.  As I tried to help pay, my Uncle wouldn’t hear any of that – he had me covered.  Joy, peace, and gratefulness washed over me.

The rest of my trip continued on with more of this – when I felt like there would be resistance, welcoming arms met me.  Situations that I thought might be awkward weren’t – I could relax knowing that I was fully loved and accepted.  As the week continued on I noticed that I didn’t even hesitate to be myself – something I’ve definitely had issues with in the past – I was just all me!  God does the same with us.  He fully accepts us and loves us as we are, so we can be ourselves with Him.  This is something He continues to remind me of in my relationship with Him.

One of the best nights in Colorado was when I got to worship with one of my favorite groups, WorshipMob.  It was much more than what I imagined it would be like – a true gift from God!  I can’t even describe the joy that I felt, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

On the last morning of the trip my Uncle took me on a motorcycle ride on his Harley.  It was amazing.  We went to this lookout where you could see a reservoir and all of this beautiful land.  It reminded me yet again how amazing our God is – His works our wonderful!!

I’m so thankful for my vacation, God blessed me beyond my imagination (Ephesians 3:20-21).  I truly felt that I am Beloved.  He did that becomes He loves me, and He will do the same for you too!




Author: theLGjourney

I am continuing to take a journey - THE JOURNEY - of life! :)

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